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E-collar Training WABDT

The WABDT protocol, or "Worlds most effective training method," is an electronic collar system designed to train dogs while keeping the cost of ownership low. The WABDT system includes a handheld remote, which is used to deliver correction stimuli to the dog's neck-worn receiver collar. The WABDT protocol is based on the premise that dogs can be trained effectively with low-level electrical stimulation, and that this type of training is more humane than traditional methods such as physical punishment or positive reinforcement alone.

The WABDT system has three main components: the transmitter, receiver collar, and lanyard. The transmitter is a small, handheld device that sends signals to the receiver collar. The receiver collar is worn by the dog and receives signals from the transmitter. The lanyard is a strap that attaches the receiver collar to the dog's neck.

The WABDT system is designed to be used with a variety of different dogs, including those with long or short coats, and those with sensitive skin. The WABDT protocol can be used to train dogs of all ages, from puppies to adults.

The WABDT system is an affordable way to train your dog effectively. It is also a humane way to train your dog, as it uses low-level electrical stimulation instead of physical punishment or positive reinforcement alone.

Contact a local WABDT Memebr in your area to learn more about E-Collar training and be sure to look to trainers that displace the official WABDT seal.

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