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To Join

After taking the Oath and paying the dues, As a member of the World Association of Balanced Dog Trainers (WABDT), you will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

- A platform to share your knowledge and experience with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

- Access to a wealth of resources, including an extensive library of training materials.

- Opportunities to attend workshops, seminars and conferences led by some of the world's leading trainers.

- Certification as a WABDT Trainer, which is recognized by many professional organizations.

_ Usage of the WABDT SEAL on all publications

- Membership Card 

- Networking opportunities only afforded to Members 

-Plus Much more as we grow! 

The world association of balanced dog trainers is an international organization that promotes the use of positive reinforcement training methods combined with the ethical use of training tools such as E-Collars, Prongs and other various training tools and equipment for working dogs and pets.. We believe that all dogs can be trained using these methods, and that they are the most effective and humane way to train dogs. Our members are committed to teaching dog owners how to train their dogs using all 4 quadrants of operant conditioning.  . We offer online and in-person training, resources, support, and networking opportunities for dog trainers and owners around the world. 1/2 of all the dues for membership go towards advertising and educating the public and fighting against the PP agenda to ban dog training tools and equipment. 


As a member of the world association of balanced dog trainers, you will have access to our online training resources, including our library of training videos and articles. You will also be able to attend our annual conference, where you can learn from the world's leading experts in Balanced dog training. In addition, you will be able to network with other members, and share your knowledge and experience with dog owners around the world.


Your membership dues help us to continue our work of promoting balanced  dog training methods, and to provide resources and support for members. We thank you for your support!

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