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World Association of Balanced Dog Trainers 

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The world association of balanced dog trainers is an organization dedicated to promoting the use of balanced, humane training methods for dogs and stand by the ethical use of training tools such as E-collars, Prong collars and other training tools for working dogs and pets.  


We believe that all dogs deserve to be trained in a way that is kind and effective, and that trainers should have the tools and knowledge they need to accomplish this.


We offer a certifications and education to support and unite dog trainers around the world. We work to raise awareness about the importance of using balanced training methods.


Our Members are the best in the world and those that posses our seal of approval on their businesses l have singed the promise to use ethical and just means of training to the public, with the care of the dogs always at the forefront of focus! 

If you share our belief in the importance of humane, effective dog training and stand up to defend the use of training tools in our beloved industry, we invite you to apply for membership! 



Together we can stand against the PP agenda! 

Unauthorized usage of WABDT seal without approval & membership will be prosecuted  

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